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Silver Borne (Mercedes Thompson, #5) - Patricia Briggs Before I start I have to pick on the cover. Would you look at that! It’s simply gorgeous! My respect to the artist who painted it.It’s been a while since the last time I’ve read a Mercy Thompson book. I was a bit afraid that I’d miss certain details because of this but thankfully I didn't.I don’t know why it’s always difficult for me to write a review for this series. I get so sucked into the books that I stop making notes about it while reading. And after I’m done with the book I keep telling myself ”Wow! This was sooo good!” but when I open Word to start writing the review I stare at the blank page while having a stupid face because nothing comes out. It’s a curse I tell you!!Anyways, here are some thoughts on this. The story is really emotional and sucked me in since the beginning. This series is getting better and better. It was the cure to my readers block.I’ve always loved Mercy. She’s brilliant, strong and independent. Makes me wanna take her as a role model. Heh! Mercy and Adam are so damn awesome together; I really respect their relationship. Sam was strange but I was happy that he got over the “problem” he had. The pack was great; we got lots of action and emotional moments with it. And of course an awesome ending was the perfect topping!Ugh I sound like a robot lol!