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Poltergeeks - Sean Cummings I made the mistake of pausing Poltergeeks and starting another book. Now I can’t make myself get back to read it. I’m not in the mood. I’m not motivated enough. It’s just that stupid. Whatever.Poltergeeks is not my kind of book. The story is cheesy and clichéd. The heroine, Julie, is a brat that sounds like a thirty-year-old woman. She is special, and, most importantly, she is a moron. Julie has a BFF, Marcus, who secretly has a crush on her. Her girlfriend hits on her BFF because she’s that evil. Her girlfriend might just be the villain in the book. I have no wish to find out if this is true or not. The bottom line, Poltergeeks is horrible and the title is overly misleading. If you’re looking for a fun and witty read, then avoid this one. It will only manage to dry up your brain cells.ARC courtesy of Angry Robot via NetGalley