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The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, #1)

The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, #1) - Gena Showalter The Darkest Night is a fun introduction to a new series (for me at least) that goes around demons, crazy people, violence, hot drooly (yes, I mean it as drool-y - it should be a word, it’s awesome) sex and extreme redecorating. But we all love crazy people don’t we? And violence. And sex. And hotties. Beats the hell out of watching Animal Planet. Even though the book was a great read I found many problems regarding it. It stars with the typical PNR problem: the ease with which they hooked up. I’d like some more obstacles please! Then there’s the true love conquers all problem. They’ve known each other for a few days so true love is out of the question. What is it then? Lust? Desperation? Drugs? Noodles? You tell me.I didn’t like Ashlyn because she is too dependent. First Macintosh* (lol) whatever his name and then Maddox. Plus she was always taking things too lightly. First Maddox has sex with her and then locks her up because he has stuff to do. What’s her reaction? She gets a wee bit angry and then says to herself "Meh, still want him, he’s hot". Not cool. And after being his captive she still falls for him. While this is a classic move for most romance novels, I have to admit that I don’t agree with it. You simply don’t fall for the assh*le who’s keeping you prisoner unless you’re into BDSM or something. Plus he’s a demon and he’s violent and creepy. He may be hot but still, come on! Exaggerated much?Maddox is… special. Even though he has a wall punching problem, tends to destroy most things around him and is a serial killer, he’s pretty cool. I mean how often do you find a guy who knows how to repair stuff? And he’s hot. I mean duh! It’s PNR we’re talking about! Duh! And he like has powers and stuff. And he like kills people. And has a tattoo. I mean awesome, dude!I’ve always wanted to be in the mind of a psychopath, there’s a certain depth to life in there. Let’s take some examples, shall we?First there’s a typical “problem” between a husband and his wife. Then there are some kids thrown along the way. And finally the moments when you just sit back and relax. (I could do this all day!) Yep. A pretty high chance of all this happening to the person marrying this guy.Probably Maddox is like this because of sexual frustration. Once he gets laid properly his demon goes back to sleep.Anyboob, the final score is 3.5 or 3.25 or 3.19999999999999. But that’s beside the point. The Darkest Night is a nice intro to what seems like a good series but it lacked action. As you know the action-eating monster living inside me needs to be fed so it wasn’t totally happy with the situation. Just one location and few to none proper action scenes don’t make a fun story. These warriors have potential so put ‘em to good use! Aaaaaaaaand it was a bit cheesy. That’s it!~The End~P.S. A wise man once said: ”A butterfly tattoo on a guy can never be fierce. It can only be gay!”-------------------------------------------* Macintosh - a series of PCs designed, developed, and marketed by Apple