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New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer *edit 23 Dec 2011*My dear Edward,I’ve been meaning to write you this letter for a long time. See I remember watching Dracula some time ago and this dude was a vampire just like you. I mean imagine that! A vampire *laughs* before you *laughs* the nerve on that guy! Yeah it was that dude – what’s his name? *checks IMDb* oh yeah! Gary Oldman. So then I remembered something that kind of bothered me…HE DOESN’T GLITTER!What the hell, right? I mean a vampire that doesn’t glitter *laughs* that’s just too much *laughs*By the way do you speak sarcasm? No? Good for you!Take care dear and don’t forget to drink the squirrel juice I left in the fridge for you.Your dearest friend,Anzu